Le SUP privé : a waste of money

Private colleges are a waste of money for white, middle class kids, Max Ehrenfreund, Washington Post, December 18. Signalement par Samuel Bliman.

These students attend the University of Maryland in College Park. They were smart.

Many parents whose kids have their eye on an exclusive, private college face a difficult question: Is it worth unloading your life’s savings or having your child take on tens of thousands of dollars in student loans ? The average four-year private college costs over $42,000 a year for tuition, room and board, after all, while the average four-year public school costs less than half that — $18,943 for in-state students, according to the College Board. So the question is really, really important, especially at a time when nearly half of recent college grads have a job that doesn’t even require a degree.

Fortunately, for many Americans — white, middle-class kids — there’s an easy answer : Don’t pay more to go to a private college

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